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Welcome to Committed to Youth

Dear Educators,

At CTY, our programs focus on empowering our travelers to make a positive impact in communities in need while expanding their horizons through experiential learning. We believe that teachers like you are vital to creating the future leaders of our society.

What’s Committed to Youth?

Our programs are carefully crafted to help students realize the difference they can make in the world and learn to appreciate what they have while being their best selves. We partner with local communities and organizations to create meaningful experiences that count, and we are dedicated to providing students with the tools, resources, and experiences to foster their leadership abilities.

Our educators travel with students, staff, and local tour operators to ensure a safe and impactful experience. We believe that parents will appreciate these trips, as their children will be part of a cause that can transform their way of thinking and help develop their decision-making skills.

As educators, you have the power to inspire and guide students to be the change-makers of tomorrow. Our service trips help students participate in a life-transforming experience that equips them to make well-informed decisions as they enter into early adulthood. Our skills and experience in the travel industry serve as a compass on their journey, and we offer you a chance to make an impact by traveling with us.

Thank you for considering Committed to Youth. We look forward to partnering with you in making a positive impact on young adolescents’ lives.

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About Us

We are a service and adventure travel company designed for eighth-grade graduates and high school freshmen and sophomores. Our goal is to provide life-transforming travel experiences. We strive to inspire our students to travel with a purpose and broaden their worldview by understanding the diversity of communities in need.

Our travel programs prepare them to make well-informed decisions as they enter early adulthood, while also earning community service hours.

Our hope is that our travelers come to realize that they can make a significant impact simply by lending a hand. Student travelers will experience both service and adventure that counts. We believe that students can travel, experience, reflect, and make decisions that can positively affect future generations of the world. Our skills and experience in the travel industry will serve as a compass in their journey. Let’s make a difference together.

Let’s make a difference

Our Process

Step 1

Welcome to Committed to Youth.

Step 2

Get excited! Be the change, travel with a cause!

Step 3

Meet with your student trip coordinator.

Step 4

Spread the word – Post about the meeting in the Bulletin/Email parents.

Step 5

Class Meeting – On-campus in-person meeting or online PowerPoint presentation.

Step 6

Deposits Due – Make sure everybody knows when the deposit due date is/Follow up by emailing parents.

Step 7

Communication – Keeping in touch/Rooming.

Top Reasons To

Travel with CTY

Top Travel Company since 1990

Experienced Team

24/7 Support

Gain Community Service Hours

Travel with Purpose

What’s Included?

Trip Inclusions

Roundtrip airfare

Hotel Accommodations

Private On-Site Airport/Hotel Transfers

Welcome Orientation

24-HOUR Destination Staff

Travel Protection Insurance

Easy Monthly Payments

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